Sarah Burgess


Drawing has always been of primary importance to my work, allowing space for thought and investigation of my subject matter. My training led me into embroidery and I taught art and design in further and higher education colleges for twenty five years whilst continuing to develop my own art practice. I now enjoy the challenges and excitements of a freelance life following recent MA studies at Manchester School of Art, where my fascination with the dialogue between research and practice was rekindled.
Using mono-print, whether on paper or fabric, the exploratory drawn mark is always a one-off and develops its own freer, looser voice introducing more unpredictable results. Recent work with landscape explores the traces that we leave on and within the surface of the land. Mono-print has brought a return to colour with complex printed surfaces evoking memory, balanced by space to breathe. Prints are sometimes layered with marks of stitch and inserted with flashes of bright silk. The freedom of large scale mono-print has reintroduced energy into my work, sometimes balanced by meticulous fine wrapping to highlight and explore the structures of growth.
Everything leaves an afterimage.