Peter York




I am a visual artist working with printing techniques.
This is an exciting and vibrant way of working to create stunning images of outstanding beauty and power. I have produced a range of prints over the past few years that have given me the opportunity to explore the creative potential of print as a starting point rather than an end. I see the medium as a way to explore visual potential. I rarely produce editions because each print is a unique creation experimenting with the versatility of the process and the imagination of the artist. I am seeking to take print work into three-dimensions to return to my sculptural past. My working practise involves sketchbooks, recording images, exploring ideas.

“Printmaking is a versatile and creative process with hands-on use of materials and techniques that allow you to explore ideas quickly and thoroughly”

Review of “Red” exhibition Heartbeat Gallery Sheffield

“York seems to be hinting at the primary importance of creative reflection over intellectual rigidness, which is surely why man creates art in the first place. An intuition is often more powerful and overwhelming, not to mention convincing, than a logic-based deduction.”

Thanasis Andronikos
Helen McIntosh