Janet Beautyman


Email: janetbeautyman@yahoo.co.uk

Most of my work features images from the natural world – landscape and organic forms. I have travelled widely, enjoying distance walking and gardening, all of which give me ideas for printing. I tend to work in monochrome and produce prints which use bold contrast in tone, texture and form. Printmaking has always appealed as it allows the production of both experimental and more figurative images. I enjoy the serendipity element in the creative process and find I can play within the constraints of the medium. I focus on etching, aquatint, dry point and collagraph techniques.

In 2012 I organised “WaterPrint”, an exhibition of prints to raise the profile of printmaking in Sheffield. (Profits to WaterAid). From this seed the Sheffield Printmakers Group emerged and I became a founder member. Now my aim is to exhibit more widely.  I have recently had work on show in :  Studio 11 Gallery, Hull; The Harley, Welbeck; The Cooper Gallery, Barnsley; Buxton  Museum and Art Gallery and Art in the Gardens, Sheffield.

I have no formal training in Printmaking but have benefitted enormously from classes provided by galleries and local private community workshops. Through membership of Sheffield Visual Arts Group I campaign for an enhancement of public participation in the arts and improved access to galleries and art education for all.