Catherine Harnett



Like many of my fellow printmakers I am inspired by landscape. I think we are all inspired by the transience of our experience within an environment. It is why we wish to take our own photograph with a phone, rather than buy a picture postcard.
In my case I take such images and make etchings, which present a fluid, abstract world.It happens like this, certain forms and textures and the interplay of light upon them stir me to make a plate, using collaged tape, engraved marks and the lick of a blowtorch. If I am lucky the plate then takes on a life of its’ own and I work with it. My first print is usually monochrome to show the form. It is always exciting to pull the first print and it constantly comes as a surprise after spending so much time concentrating on the back to front, textured surface of the plate. Then I enjoy trying different mixes of colour to enhance or change the mood of the finished piece. None of my prints are exactly alike, I have to experiment too much, but after seeing the effect of a group of colours on one plate I often like to try them out on another and then another. This can lead to harmonious sets of work.
My other love is to read and I make tiny books, each from a single print, with quotes from classic authors.