Caroline Quincey



Drawing and painting has always been something I have enjoyed as a hobby, but it wasn’t until I took a career break in 2007, to do an Access course in Art and Design at Hillsborough College in Sheffield, followed by a Foundation Degree, that I could really fully immerse myself in the many forms of art. I really enjoyed learning new techniques and found that rather than focus on a particular subject, I wanted to experiment with processes. I have a particular love of printmaking, and the effects which can be produced, but I also enjoy digital imaging, book art, painting and textiles. I am now printmaking mainly at home and I have been working to try and create more unusual forms of print by exploring and experimenting with materials, often drawing inspiration from the Shefffield area. My current theme involves prints which appear to be fossils, using monoprints of local roadside plants and linocuts. I am acutely aware that the environment in which we live is fragile and may be lost in time, only to exist as a fossil record in the very distant future.