Trudy Roe


I am on my own journey which includes expression and discovery through my Books and Prints. First of all I am a craftsperson.  The diverse skills I have learnt over the years have driven my development as an artist.  I love language – the nuances of meaning – the development of thought.   I am inspired by the natural world, particularly plant form & landscape.  I have spent a lot of time on the North Yorkshire coast and am haunted by the expanse of skies and relentless sea in all its moods.

I find my main means of expression is through sculptural books – which have their own space.  My folded book forms emerge as a response to the subject.  Many of my books are computer generated using my photographs, artwork and my own or borrowed words.  I also create limited edition books from etchings, monoprints & mixed media.
I  produce etchings, monoprints & collagraph prints. I use non-toxic etching techniques which result in attractive textures and atmospheric images.  I also use plant material to create collagraphs.  This Nature Printing enables me to produce ambiguous landscapes beyond observation.  My journey is also moving into mixed media & collage which develops these inner landscapes.  And so I move on.