Trevor Pollard



I particularly enjoy making lino prints. It is something about the craft and the process, the cutting, inking and printing. I have recently started to make prints using the reduction method and like the way the block is slowly destroyed as an integral part of the process and there’s no going back. I often use my own photographs as a starting point and tend to work in an intuitive, rather than heavily planned way to arrive at the final print. This means that each stage holds its own surprises, each print can have a slightly different colour variation, and I really don’t know what I am going to get until I pull it away from the lino block.

I share my time between studios in Sheffield and Kafountine in Senegal, West Africa and the cultural contrast between the two has a significant impact on the subject matter of my work. In Kafountine, I have started a studio group with local artists under the title Kafountine Lino Printing in order to support and raise the profile of artists in the village.