Teresa Ranson



I am an artist who has produced ceramics over many years and who has become a recent enthusiastic convert to printmaking. My training at Glasgow School of Art was in Design (specialising in Ceramics) but I have always had a strong interest in fine art, developing my own sketch book work, drawing and 2D work generally. I completed my degree at Glasgow School of Art in 2011, and was awarded a first class honours . I have worked as an artist for 20 years (8 years as an adult learners tutor). My love of two-dimensional art practice has always liberated fresh ideas for me, enabling me to develop, edit and produce my final ceramic work (my work often conveyed a narrative on contemporary life).

I have recently started printmaking, and I’m currently exploring and experimenting with different techniques (monoprint, linocut, collograph, screenprint, etching, aquatint). I’m curious to see which techniques will eventually prove to be the most creatively fulfilling and productive for me, and where my art practice will go. It’s proving a fascinating journey that I am thoroughly enjoying.