Suzi Thompson


Twitter: @SuziThompsonArt

Originally trained as a goldsmith, I have recently moved away for three dimensional work and concentrated on developing my creative passion for print and collage and by exploring the Collagraph process of print making, I have been able to combine and develop both of these.

The accessibility of Collagraph materials and the potential variations available for image making during the construction of the textural plates and the subsequent inking, wiping and burnishing of the printing ink are endless; providing a wealth of freedom and a touch of serendipity to each final print. I don’t worry too much about making identical images within the small limited editions I run, I much prefer each to be slightly different from the last providing a unique hand pulled print, or even developed further within the theme with sections of collaged printed or found materials.
I also enjoy the tactile process of book making and combine my hand printed covers with recycled papers and cards using Coptic stitching, traditional Japanese stab binding and case binding to create a range of individual and unique notebooks and sketchbooks.