Rosemary Watson



My practise explores notions of and responses to memory with specific reference to place time experience and dream through drawing painting printmaking (monoprint / drypoint / aquatint / etching / collograph) photography artists books and video These images form part of a larger body of work exploring the responses to and are a record of the constantly shifting and multi-layered nature of memory in which experiences wishful beliefs imagination hard facts and dreams blur and blend over time into a personalised version of history The work attempts to capture the elusive impressions on the senses of sight sound smell and touch of those moments of intense and definitive experience that are the essence of memory through a synthesis of memory medium and action encompassing chance intuition and spontaneity It is a process that is continually explored developed and refined as memories constantly reshape and reform becoming fragmented multi-layered less well-defined or abstract and assume greater or lesser significance.
2014 aa2a residency Chesterfield College – printmaking
2013 – 2014 remembered imagined experienced III The Circle Sheffield – retrospective
2012 -2014 8th British International Miniprint Exhibition – 2 aquatints