Katherine Rhodes



My work is inspired by the natural landscape.  I like to depict the form and character of the landscape and also subjects found within it. I am currently working with Linocut, Collagraph, and Drypoint, focusing on the nearby Peak District, and popular crags and edges found near Sheffield. Using these three techniques, I am exploring and comparing the way each can portray the rugged landscape.  I find Linocut with its lines and cut edges lends itself to depicting the rocky outcrops, paths and edges in the landscape. Collagraph offers a chance to explore textures and form. The intaglio lines and marks on a Drypoint plate give structure and backbone to the rocks and edges, with additional inking on top to give unique colour variations and character in the landscape.  The possibility for variations in ink application and colour when using a Drypoint or Collagraph plate means that each of these prints is unique.  The linocuts are made with using reduction method and are small variable editions of up to 10.