John Birks


‘The visual juxtaposition of natural environments and man-made objects has, so far, been my main area of inspiration. As a novice printer, having only started in November 2013, I am still very much at the stage of exploration and experimentation. The physicality of the print process has proved just as captivating and exciting to me as the design and final outcome.

Texture is a facet of print that I am becoming increasingly fascinated with. How to capture texture, sometime literally through the physical elements of a collagraph and sometimes less literally through etching and aquatint, is an area of print that I intend to further explore and develop.

Application of colour is an element of the creative process that I have always found challenging, often treating it as an afterthought. The print techniques and processes I have so far undertaken have, by their very nature, moved me towards a mindset that embraces colour from the outset.

Having studied Industrial Design and taught Design Technology and Graphic Design, all of which are rather tight, rigid disciplines, I am enjoying the lack of boundaries afforded to me by print. The fusing of practical hands-on craft skills and intellectual visual creativity is highly stimulating.