Geraldine Yvonne Smith


As much as I am a passionate printmaker drawn to its traditional resonance, it is the potential of going beyond the first impression that inspires my finished pieces.

My work is rooted in the abstract and in those abstract constructions I’m looking for new textural properties and colour combinations to interpret & express my response to either observed or imagined experiences.

Through experimentation and planned interventions I like to construct multi-layered images. I further reinterpret, transform & refresh the motifs utilising small details of chine colle, collage, and thread or embossing – often deconstructing the plates for new compositions.

I often produce a limited number of series originals selecting different colour palettes that I feel best communicate my enthusiasms for the subject matter.

Walking the Derbyshire and South Yorkshire trails, canals, rivers and streets with their contrasting quarrying & industrial heritage and geology inspires much of my work.

My signature style includes triple viscosity hand inking processes for vibrant colour application. I stencil or mask directly onto the plate so that a single simultaneous pull through the press creates the finished artwork. Thus, it’s virtually impossible to precisely replicate the process by hand so each print is truly unique one-offs.