Geraldine Yvonne Smith
Through experimentation and planned interventions I like to construct bold multi-layered images with impact and hopefully drama. Currently I am experimenting with monoprints and monotypes  which means each piece is a one-off unique artwork.

My work is rooted in the abstract and in those abstract constructions I’m looking for new textural properties and a wow factor for colour combinations .

Coupled  with boldness I am looking to enhance the images with subtle details to create a distinctive expressive style that is constantly evolving. Collating shapes & marks on a plate is a developmental process to explore my thoughts on a particular subject matter. I love the discipline of Original  Printmalking   techniques  –  Print and it is my preferred medium of expression – but it is the final image that is important.

The final image is built up with some experimentation but untimately I decide through experience the colours and mark making so that the outcome is not haphazard but organic in its development.