Christine Young


The inspiration for my work is the natural world. Looking closely at the patterns and textures which can be observed provides me with endless source material for painting and printmaking. I develop ideas by drawing and taking photographs, often focussing on details. Recurring images in my work are plants and natural forms such as fossils, shells and bird’s nests.

Paintings are semi-abstract arrangements where found objects are combined with elements of landscape. I work in an intuitive way considering colour, texture and composition.

Since acquiring my own intaglio press and setting up my workspace, I concentrate mostly on intaglio printmaking. After the initial idea, my work is process led, using etching, aquatint and drypoint techniques to achieve a variety of effects. I love the richness of tone and the quality of line which can be achieved. In later prints I often combine traditional etching with photo etching and solar plate. I am interested in combining image and text and layering fragments of maps with found objects.

My intaglio prints are printed in small editions (never more than 25) and Artists Proofs are limited to 5, often in different colourways.