Sheffield Printmakers Newsletter January 2019

Happy New Year everyone hope you all had a good holiday and a bit of a rest.
Since our successful Open-Up event in the Walled Garden in Meersbrook Park,
which we have been asked to do again ,group members have been very busy, both in
Sheffield and abroad.
At the Derbyshire Open Art Exhibition in June Cath Dunn had a mixed media
piece selected which won a Derbyshire County Council Award. At the same event
Katherine Rhodes and Jenny Bowden won the Air Arts Exhibition Prize . This prize
consists of a six month exhibition at The Royal Derby Hospital which is part of their
celebration of 70 years of the NHS. The exhibition runs until the Spring, so there is
still time to go along and see it.
Katherine also had work selected for the National Original Print Exhibition held at
Bankside in London
Also in June, Pat Hodson had work shown at two exhibitions in Sophia, Bulgaria and
from May to September at Papier Global 4 in Degendorf,Germany ,but she says the
most interesting news is that a Paper/Inkjet printed piece of hers which is in the Lloyd
Cotsen textile collection has now been given to The Textile Museum at George
Washington University. Have to save up to visit that one.
Rosemary Watson also has work on the move. She has had work touring galleries in
Spain and France as well as Suffolk and Northern Ireland and currently is taking part
in a touring exhibition along the rivers Rhine and Moselle, which will move to
museums in Nassau,(Germany),Cologne and Bonn later this year. These exhibitions
are part of a project related to how one remembers and reacts to place.
Along with Cath Hartnett, Louise McNiff and Linda Green, Rosemary also took
part in the 20:20 Print Exchange, run by Hot Bed Press, which allows print makers to
exchange work with other makers from around Britain and abroad. It sounds very
interesting although it does entail quite a lot of work.
Linda Green was also one of a group of six Sheffield Printmakers members , along
with Jan Slater, Jo Pye, Barbara Goodchild, Mair Richards and Caroline
Quincey, who exhibited at the White Lion Pub on Chesterfield Rd. for the whole of
July & August. Thanks to Mair for organising this. It was an unusual venue and we
hope it brought the name of Sheffield Printmakers to a wider audience.
In September Cath Dunn exhibited paintings and prints as part of the Wirksworth
Arts and Architecture Trail and Angela Harpham took part in Art in the Gardens at
Sheffield Botanical Gardens.
Angela also took part in Craft Jam at the Millennium Galleries, where she
demonstrated silk paper making to about 30 people. “A great fun event,” she says.
This was in October, which also saw another “fun” event. Trevor Pollard celebrated
his 65 th birthday by showing 65 of his monoprints at the Art House for the special price of £65.00 each. He sold more than 25 of them. Wouldn’t it have been nice if he
could have sold all 65. It’s a great idea, but I don’t think I’ll be celebrating my next birthday that way: there isn’t enough wall space.
As there was a cancellation at the Art House at the beginning of November, Trevor
was also able to curate an exhibition of works from the Kifountine group of lino
printers from Senegal, with whom Trevor is closely connected and who have
exhibited with us in the past. The directness and clarity of image was very exciting
and the exhibition raised quite a lot of money to keep the group going.
The Art House saw rather a lot of Sheffield Printmakers at the end of the year, since,
almost as soon as Trevor’s exhibition and that from Kifountine were down we moved
in to put up what is becoming our annual show. Over the last four years, at both the
Art House and, earlier, the Work Station, the exhibition has been timed to, both,
coincide and connect with the Off The Shelf Literary Festival which takes place in
October. This time, as the Art House was already fully booked for October, we had to
hold our exhibition from November 23 rd to December 8 th . So we were unable to make
use of Off The Shelf’s publicity as Sheffield University, who now run the festival,
were unwilling to advertise an event taking place later than there own.
How much this affected the out come of events it is difficult to say. Certainly we had
far fewer visitors on the opening night, most of them were family and friends, and
sales were down on last year, but they themselves were down on the year before , so
in part could be part of the current economic uncertainty.
However, being in the Art House at the beginning of December did mean that some
members took part in their Christmas Fair which was a success.
Other group members were otherwise or also engaged at the Pop- Up Shop in the
Winter Gardens, which took place from November 16  -30. An overlap, not only
with the Art House, but with The Great Sheffield Art Show on the weekend of
November 17 & 18
Artists Taking part in these events were:-
Pop-up Shop Art House GSAS
Jan Beautyman ; Cath Dunn ; Jean Brookes ; Jenny Bowden ; Angela Harpham ; Sally Brooks ; Jo Pye ; Rezwana Farina ; Sarah Burgess ; Katherine Rhodes ; Anthea Stevenson ; Frances Lewis ;Barbara Goodchild ; Alex McArthur ; Linda Green ;  Mair Richards ;  Jo Henderson ;  Pat Hodson ; Maud Tricker ; Kath Holland ; Rosemary Watson ; Marie Keane
; Louise McNiff ;  Quincey ; Jan Slater ;  Judith Webster ; Peter York

Thanks to everyone involved, especially those who helped with the
organising, hanging and general running about. And Frances’ idea of a little tea party
after taking down rounded everything off.
But this madness will not happen again next time. The Art House has already been
provisionally booked for a date in October (tbc) and we have no idea what will
happen about the Pop-Up Shop. The City Council has taken it back into their
ownership and, although we understand that they are keen to encourage it’s continued
use by artists, we don’t know what he future will hold.
However, we do have good things to look forward to for 2019.

Firstly congratulations to Jan Beautyman, Jill Ray, Judith Webster, Judith Duvall,
Katherine Rhodes , Maude Tricker and Viv Howe on their selection for the Harley
open and to Katherine who has also been selected for the Ferens Open.
As I said at the beginning, Open Up at the Walled Garden, Meersbrook Park was so
successful that we have been asked to do it again, so Peter has booked the Nether
Edge Club for 7.00pm on Tuesday February 26 so that we can discuss this as well
as the Art House and possible Pop-Up well in advance.

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