Newsletter – Spring 2015

We’d hoped to have a regular newsletter for the group but resources have so far not permitted. However, we (the committee members) thought we’d try and get a rough-and-ready one out in time for the AGM. Here it is. I hope you’ll excuse its lack of professional finish. I’ve downloaded some open desktop publishing software so hopefully, if I can master that the next one will look a bit better!
Cath Hartnett (Treasurer)

Shared Practice Group

The Shared Practice Group has been set up by member Linda Green & it’s been a great success! Members meet in each other’s homes once a month. There are 10 people in the group but not everyone turns up to every session.

The first meeting was held in January with a demo on Chine Colle and a discussion about what was wanted from the sessions. At the second session some very interesting hand printed books and books with ideas on different methods on printing were examined. At the third session the theme was ‘what to do with an old print’. It was very useful to have other people’s opinions and suggestions. The next session will be in April when the subject will be ‘Our favourite printmaker’.


Everyone has been really enjoying the exchange of ideas, info on courses and new exhibitions and finding out about different methods of printing.

Due to the venues, group size is of necessity limited. However, there’s no reason why there shouldn’t be more than one group – members could choose which to attend depending on subject! If you want to set up a Shared Practice Group please contact Linda, who can help with advice and practical ideas:

Linda Green

SP Festival Off the Press

Last year’s exhibition and print fair went well considering it was our first attempt and we came to it with limited experience.

Total receipts (rounded) for the 2014 event were £3627 – this includes members’ fees, sales and door takings. Total outgoings (rounded) were £2845 – this includes musicians fees, room hire, opening drinks, postage/stationery, printing & copier expenses, sales out (ie. cheques to artists) and WaterAid donation. So positive balance of £782.

The WaterAid donation amounted to £244.50. WaterAid have sent a nice letter of thanks for this.

Despite the good bits however, much could have been improved, not least the lighting of the venue. The Off the Shelf organisers are keen for us to take part again this year, but sadly The Workstation have told us they are not going to do anything to address the lighting problem. Consequently, we have been looking round for alternative premises and are currently in negotiation with the Montgomery Hall on Surrey Street with a view to holding this October’s event in the Gallery and Old Library there. More info on that in due course.